BTL Exilis Ultra 360

BTL Exilis Ultra 360

EXILIS ULTRA 360 is a monopolar-radiofrequency device offering a non-invasive treatment of different skin conditions such as wrinkles, skin laxity, and excessive fat.

This is the solution for everybody, from head to toe, with no BMI or skin type restrictions.

Due to its supported technology, a lengthy list of celebrities like Kim Kardashian—along with thousands of clients around the world—trust EXILIS to treat undesirable double chins and turkey necks. Targeting fat cells and boosting collagen formation are achieved by the combined action of radiofrequency and ultrasound energy waves.

Exilis Ultra 360 is a skin tightening treatment that is non-invasive, virtually painless and provides jaw-dropping results. This is the only technology that combines the powers of ultrasound technology and radio frequency to tighten skin, enhance collagen production and kill fat cells.

Exilis Ultra 360 quickly and evenly heats your skin and dermis with advanced ultrasound and radio frequency energy. This stimulates your body’s collagen and elastin production and rejuvenates treated areas. It tightens skin and also destroys fat cells at the same time.

To find out more about our BTL Exilis Ultra 360 treatment call us on 0415 044 440.

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